All Slavco Construction employees have completed hazardous waste training to ensure that all jobs are completed in the safest manner possible.


Proper equipment and On-site training safety training are provided to all employees to maintain safety as well as compliance with all rules and regulations. Slavco Construction employs qualified and experienced safety personnel to oversee that all operations are in compliance with the standards laid forth under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Slavco Construction is committed to the development of a safe working environment which is evident through the practices and procedures of every employee on every operation.



Job specific training is conducted on site as needed to maintain the highest level of safety as conditions present themselves.



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the corner stone for all of our work environments. This safety equipment is a necessity for all workers help to protect against the dangers on construction sites. PPE is only one part of protecting our workers from the dangers, daily on site training re-enforces the use of this equipment.



Slavco Construction maintains graded A+ Bonding & Insurance certificates to offer our clients peace of mind that the projects are fully ensured. Our policy provides our clients with full and extensive protection without any time limit or gap in coverage.